Features Overview

I have experience managing social media pages on Facebook and Twitter with millions of existing followers as well as launching brand new pages that have gained over 1 million followers in under 30 days without a single dollar of advertising. I specialize in reaching conservative audiences with timely, engaging video content and have a passion for working with startups.

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Social media

I work with brands to develop content that generates hundreds of thousands of interactions organically due to the speed of creation and how the content relates to the current news cycle. Framing, presentation, and tone are key, which is something brands often miss the mark on, especially on Facebook. Services include everything from auditing and advising to content creation and advertising.


video production

I offer full service video production ranging from script creation all the way through production and social media presentation. I’ve worked with brands on everything from simple, timely video content for social media to massive event recap videos and documentaries.



I help businesses develop brands using social media and streamlined business processes in order to make sure their various platforms and services work in harmony. Past work has included working with publishers to properly display their work across their different platforms, mobile application creation and functionality to leverage fundraising, and data collection and organization.